The World Marine Power Directory offers technical specifications of over 15,000 past and present marine engines from all known manufacturers and marinizers covering: outboardmotors (including electric outboards), inboards, sterndrives (I/O drives) water jets and saildrives. The data is presented in a uniform format in the same units, making comparisons of different brands easy, without having to make calculations.

You can search in Imperial/US or metric units and the comparative results are displayed in a table that can be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet if additional analysis is required.
We regularly update the directory with new models and changing specifications using manufacturer’s press releases, brochures, exhibition visits, interviews and advanced internet searches.

Use the directory free of charge for occasional visits, for more frequent use (fair use) we ask you to take a paid subscription. To manage admittance to the data, please create an ID and your own password. Subscribers are required to complete a registration and payment procedure. Registration details are solely for statistical and payment purposes and are not disclosed to third parties unless required by Law.

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